Monday, October 6, 2008

Mid-Fall Report

We are halfway through the fall and since the last report, there have been some drastic changes in the standings. Team 3 has made a charge to the top of the standings, going 4-1 on the week scoring 42 points. They sit tied with Team 1 at 51 total points who went 3-1 on the week. Team 2 fell on hard times during the second week, who were winless in five games, managing only four points and were shut out twice.

Team 1 holds the current tie-breaker having an overall win-loss record of 5-3-1 as opposed to a 5-4 overall record for Team 3. Both Team 1 and Team 3 have won the same number of innings at 26 and despite their poor record recently, Team 2 has won 25 innings.

Team 1.........5-4-0.......51
Team 3.........5-4-0.......51
Team 2.........4-6-0.......40

Offense: The offense is in full swing, producing a number of runs scored in the 14 total games. 160 runs have been scored overall with eight home runs. The downside has been lack of execution with runners on base and less than two outs. With the emphasis on winning each inning, we could stand to see a few more “quality at-bats” with opportunities to move runners and drive them in.

Pitching: With over 11 runs being scored per game, the pitching staff has been under fire. The problems have resulted from inability to consistently throw strikes. The pitchers that have been around the plate have been more successful. It sounds simple but over 100 years of baseball history can’t be wrong.

Defense: The defense has been a little shaky so far. But to be fair, several players may have been playing out of position with the squad being split into three teams but the general lack of consistency may be an early cause for concern.

The sky is always darkest before dawn. So with whatever has gone wrong to this point, there is an eternity to fix them before we open the season in 2009. This game is hard enough without focusing on the negative aspects. With two weeks remaining, some players are starting to separate themselves from the pack. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the fall plays out.