Thursday, October 2, 2008

Welcome to the Coach's Cave

This will be the first of many posts from inside North Central baseball. This is for Cardinal fans to get a little more insight into the program and for those future Cardinals to see what’s in store for them. Enough delay, here we go…

We are now in week three of classes and week two of fall ball and the transition from schools has been great. Coming in to a new program always has its difficulties, especially remembering the names of so many players. But after nine games, I am recognizing names from the play on the field.

As for the play on the field…The squad was split into three teams who would compete against each other for the four-week fall season. While we are still keeping score in the traditional sense, we have added a twist to make the games more competitive. We have placed an importance on winning each inning, awarding one point for each inning won in that game. Not to dismiss the final score, an extra five points are awarded to the team who wins the game. Now, looking at the box score can resemble that of a hockey game. Getting past the initial confusion, the new format has added another element to the style of game.

After nine total games, each team has played six games, thus giving us a chance to fairly evaluate each team. Team 2 is out to the early lead, but there are still plenty of games remaining for Teams 1 and 3 to catch up. Here are the point standings to date.

Team 2.........4-2-0.......37
Team 1.........3-3-0.......32
Team 3.........2-4-0.......20