Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Camp, Session I

The Cardinals hosted their first of six Winter Baseball Camps last night in Merner Field House. It wasn’t the turnout that was expected but those who were in attendance, really enjoyed their time on campus. The campers participated in a variety of drills focusing on hitting, fielding and pitching skills. The night concluded with a base running/throwing combination drill and a fielding competition. It was a good opportunity for our players to interact with younger players and reinforce the skills and drills that we use in our own practices. The best way to learn something is to help someone else learn it.

A special thanks to senior/second baseman Joe Heller, who was a major help in the setting up this year's camp. As part of his school internship, Joe is responsible for organizing the camp itinerary, the worker crew and camper registration. As part of his class work, Joe will also be in charge of the remaining five sessions, including the one this Friday, which begins at 6 pm in Merner Field House.