Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Correspondents: Justin Moriarty

This morning the Cardinal baseball team wrapped up week one of Winter practice. The first week is always tricky because other things need to be taken care of to get ready for the season such as getting equipment and lockers but I feel that we still had a relatively successful week. One thing I have noticed over the past few days working alongside my teammates is how we push each other harder during conditioning and drill work and compete against one another throughout practice. This only benefits the team and the individual when teammates are helping each other in a positive manner to get better.

This next segment is meant for Assistant Coach Jared Bogan: There are only 28 days and 19 practices left to improve until our first scheduled game in St. Louis, Missouri. Coach Bogan would be ecstatic knowing about the precise number of days and practices I have mentioned because that's the type of guy he is. Before we all know it, 5am's will be over with and the season will be in full swing and that's when the fun begins. Goals that we aspire to obtain will not come without hard work and we cannot wait to reap the benefits.