Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Correspondents

We have a lot of unique individuals on this team who are involved in a lot of interesting things on campus. This will be the basis for a new feature that will debut (actually, it already has) over the next few weeks and throughout the season. The first post was from junior/outfielder Justin Moriarty. There will be thoughts and inputs from players up and down the roster...stay tuned!

Other Notes
Senior/pitcher Chris Toy is, and has been featured on the North Central website for keeping his own blog. Chris is the definition of involved on campus and will be participating in "The Dating Game" during an upcoming home basketball game. Chris recently returned from Taiwan and has been posting since the start of the school year.

I was recently asked a few questions by Summer Ball which posted the interview on Monday. Most of the questions revolved around the Stark County Terriers but North Central received some pub as well. Read the interview.