Friday, January 23, 2009

Puppy Love

Friday is finally here. I won’t use any clichés but you all know the feeling. It has been a busy week in the Cardinal baseball office starting with the visitation day on Monday, finishing with the third installment of our winter camp tonight and a whole bunch more in between. With that said, we are all ready to go for Monday! Because of an unusual combination of excitement and sheer boredom, I have come up with a dozen or so practice plans for Monday’s first workout.

During the week, my summer team (Stark County Terriers) received some attention on a summer baseball blog fittingly called Summer Ball (Thanks Hoagie!). I had never heard of this sight until this week but it has some good info on college baseball. Since I started “The Cave” last year, I have found there to be a lot more publicity for college baseball. For a list of my top blogs, check out “The Cave Blog List” below.