Friday, February 20, 2009

The Correspondents: Justin Moriarty

Week 7 of the term is coming to a close. The baseball team has battled through week 4 of morning practices and are getting psyched up for next week in St. Louis. Right at about this time of the year you can't help but get excited for what is possibly to come. Not being successful is something that I personally don't think about. I try and visualize team goals as well as personal goals happening before the start of the season. My dad instilled in me at a young age not to be intimated or fear tasks at hand because if you do you are already defeating yourself within your own mind.

While I have a tremendous amount of respect for other members of the CCIW Conference I have some thoughts about the upcoming season. We work hard day in and day out, getting up at all hours of the morning just to play this game. Gone are the days of not being successful, gone are the days of being a doormat in this league, and gone are the days of being excluded from post-season play. Past seasons are history and this is a new and improved ballclub. Now if I, or any other member of the team don't believe in this then there is just no point in devoting so much time, energy, and hard work. We are hungry to make things happen this year and it all starts one week from tomorrow.

As always, let's finish out this workweek on a high note both academically and athletically. Until next time.......