Friday, February 27, 2009

The Correspondents: Justin Moriarty

Well another week has come and gone. From my experience, weeks 8,9, and 10 of the Winter term are the most challenging of the school year. Games on the schedule are creeping ever so close and it is difficult not to swing focus to the athletic field. But as the saying goes, we are students before we are athletes. The rigors of academics weigh heavily on students at this time because of the workload and because the weather is nice one day, then makes a turn towards negativetown. Spring break is on the mind of everyone and we look forward for that time away from schoolwork. There is one upside to this time of year and that is 5am's are coming to a close. There is a little rumor that they have ended for the 2009 season (Let's hope so!!).

As for this weekend in St. Louis........ The weather looked somewhat promising at the beginning of the week but has since turned sour. We will be lucky to squeeze in some ballgames down there and if we do we will be playing in less than admirable conditions. The weather calls for chilly weather with a chance of snow on Saturday which is a bit disheartening. We will have to keep our fingers crossed and maybe the baseball gods will allow us to play.

As always finish the workweek out on a high note!