Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poll Position

The preseason CCIW poll was released yesterday where we were picked to finish fifth. These polls are good for one reason and that is to remind everyone that the season is right around the corner. Other than that, they are useless. Our goal coming into the season is to win the conference and get back to a regional. That will not change whether we are picked to finish first or dead last. There is not a poll in the country that make us think otherwise.

Being new to the program and to the conference, the only background info I have on the teams in this conference is what I read in the box scores. Although I am aware of the talent and history of the CCIW teams (three teams in the regional tournament is nothing to sneeze at), I have not seen any of the other seven teams play in person so as far as I'm concerned all eight teams in the conference are even. So this poll is used more to pay respect to those teams who have performed well in years past. But if you are tired of the winter, which most of us are, and want to read something non-steroid related, click here for the full release.