Saturday, March 21, 2009

Game 1: Justin Moriarty

The ball just wasn't falling in our favor today against Emory. We hit balls hard here and hard there but they found the glove of the opponent more than the open green grass. Mike Kloss pitched well through 5 innings of baseball today and our defense was solid as well but the Cardinals just couldn't muster up enough hits to push runs across. With developing teams I have found this to be a theme. Either the offense is on and the pitching and defense is off. Or the pitching and defense is on and the offense is off. We have to find a way to consistently put these facets of the game together for an entire 9 inning ballgame.

One thing I hate doing after a loss (especially if I didn't play well) is having to call my mom and break the news that it wasn't a great day on the ball field. But no matter how poorly I do in a game she always has her words of encouragement. I can go 0-4 with 4 Strikeouts and not have a stain on my jersey and she would say "It's OK, you did you're best." I have 5 brothers, all of whom are involved in athletics and every one of us hates failure on the field. But we all know that once we get home we will have the support from our #1 fan.......MOM.

Just thinking about this makes me forget about today and focus on the next task at hand which is another ballgame vs. Emory tomorrow.