Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Ah, the great outdoors! It actually feels like baseball season. Although we won't be practicing on Alumni Field at the Zimm, we will have our first outdoor team practice today. It's currently 33 degrees outside but the sun is out and in my head it feels like it's in the 50's. You will actually get to hear the ball pop in someone's glove instead of the echoing off gym walls that make it impossible to hear yourself think.

Field turf is nothing new and many schools (even high schools) have it now. But we are fortunate that we have it at North Central otherwise today's practice would not be possible. We would instead have to try and find a tennis court or completely tear up our field (which Steve our grounds keeper would not appreciate) or find a dry spot in a parking lot far enough away from any cars so our outfielders could take some fly balls , which was my experience in college.

The problem that you face as a coach is trying not to do too much. When you get outside for the first time and your season opens in three days, you tend to want to try to practice everything you've done up to that point. So our goal today is to get as many live reps as possible and call it a day. Wednesday has been our off day during the past five weeks of practice and there are a lot of guys that have class tonight so we have to stay on task.

But the sun is out and we are going outside and that's all that matters.