Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Trip: Day 3

10:45 am - We load up the bus and take off for Emory for the first of two with the Eagles. The national runner-up in 2007, we know we have to play some good baseball over the next two days.

11:22 am - We arrive at the field. It looks even more beautiful on game day. But once the ball is put in play, it's just another field. Emory is in the middle of their batting practice with about 20 minutes left before we get the field. My arm is hanging a little after throwing BP on Wednesday and Friday so Coach Bogan has the honors today.

12:20 pm - We finished BP and we have about ten minutes before the start of in-and-out. This year's pregame routine is a different feeling for me becuase for the past four years this was my responsibility. But Coach Fitz hits the pregame which is the way it should be so I usually struggle with finding something to do.

12:34 pm - We are in the middile of In-and-Out and I am organizing our charts for the day. We keep a pitching and velocity chart for our pitchers and a quality at-bat chart for our hitters. I also like to keep an oppoenent's pitcher tendency chart. This a chart I picked up from Joe Gilhousen while at Mount Union. The main purpose of this chart is to see if the pitcher falls into any patterns during the game. This is particularly helpful in conference when you know you will face the same pitchers later in the season or the following year. It can also help later on to see how we hit in certain counts and how many fastballs we let go or are we swinging at too many 2-0 curve balls.

1:05 pm - The lineups have been announced and the National Anthem has been played and it's time to play ball. Mike Kloss is on the mound today and thusfar, the only pitcher with a win on the season.

4:14 pm - The game is over and we fell 8-2. We took a 1-0 lead in the top of the first thanks to a leadoff double from Matt Burke and an RBI-single from Joe Turek. It could have been a bigger lead but we couldn't move runners over and subsequently drive them in. Outside of a Joe Heller solo shot in the fifth, we didn't do much else on the day. The story of the day, as it has been all year, have been the pitchers inability to throw strikes. When our pitchers fell behind on the first pitch, Emory hit .588; when our pitchers threw a first-pitch strike, they only hit .338. THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POINTS! That is the difference one pitch can make. There isn't much else to say to a pitcher when a stat like that is staring you in the face.

7:40 pm - It was a quiet dinner between the coaching staff. It was only one game on the trip and there was no sense dwelling on it. We know we are a much better team than we showed and there is a lot of better baseball ahead and that's the beuty of baseball...there is always a game the next day.