Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two in a Row

That's two in a row. One more and that's called a winning streak. Okay, we're not talking about wins yet since we haven't played since returning but Franklin. But since our return we've only had a few practices inside...and we just hit in the cages against live pitching. So we've enjoyed the past week outside in the fresh air. But the last two days we've been on the field. OUR field, the baseball field. We've done this while in the midst of finals week which is particularly difficult on players and coaches alike. For the most part, we've had pretty good attendance at practice. The schedules have worked out so our players have finished their exams in time to make it to practice.

One of the benefits of the trimester schedule is that the typical class load is smaller. So when it comes to finals week, a student will usually only have three finals at the most. This definitely makes it easier, or at least reduces some of the stress associated with college final exams.

We have one more workout today before we pack things up and head for the A-T-L on Thursday. We should have some video footage of the trip. Stay tuned!