Monday, March 9, 2009

White-Knuckle Weekend

It was great to get outside on an actual baseball field. I still feel that way despite losing three of four against Franklin College. Aside from the 1-3 record, it was a tough weekend because that record could have been reversed. We had leads in three of the four games but couldn't keep them off the scoreboard. It was like watching someone play X-Box with all the balls flying out of the yard. But it was the same for both teams. One word can sum up the entire weekend...execution. The fact is, we didn't execute when we needed to. We didn't execute when we had a lead in the last inning of the season opener. We didn't execute at any point we had a lead. We didn't execute when we had chances to extend leads. And we didn't execute when we were trailing and we had opportunities to come back.

There were a lot of positives. We hit .394 as a team, hit 10 HR (we only hit 20 as a team the entire 2008 season) and scored 48 runs. We know we are never out of a ballgame. We erased several deficits during the four games. Now all we have to do is throw it and catch it. It sounds simple enough.

The drive home was an experience. Nothing like what my alma mater went through but it was still a struggle battling the high winds on I-65 through Indiana. The conditions treated the vans like a rag doll. Every wind gust seemed like that was the one that could knock us off the highway. But we're all home safe just before midnight. It is very easy to lose sleep during the year, it's even easier when you switch time zones the same weekend of daylight savings time.

We have a two weeks before our next games which is plenty of time to get right. It's time to get back to work.