Monday, April 13, 2009

One for the Record Books?

Aside from what could have been a record low temperature (with the wind) for Friday's double-header, there may have been another record set during the opening game of our series with Elmhurst. Junior/right-hander Mike Kloss struck out a career high 17 hitters in a 4-2 win at Elmhurst. Initial research has left the results inconclusive so I can only speculate when saying that this was also a North Central record. After checking with both the North Central k and the CCIW website, there was nothing to prove otherwise. So until there is evidence refuting this feat, congratulations are in order to Mike Kloss on an impressive accomplishment.

As far as the series concerned, it was a melancholy win on Saturday after yet another disappointing split on Friday. Nevertheless, it is always a goal to win the series which is what we did. We will have that opportunity later this week in the rubber game with Illinois Wesleyan.