Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wash Out Weekend

There was a valiant effort made by Carthage and North Central to try and squeeze at least one game in this weekends schedule but it just wasn't meant to be. Apparently the baseball gods did not want to see this CCIW match-up take place this weekend. So instead Coach Fitzgerald along with Coach Schmidt of Carthage will juggle the schedule to work something out.

Even though no baseball was played, the Cardinals did gain some ground on Augustana who lost to North Park on Saturday. We are hot on their tails and are looking to make a move past the Vikings.

Yesterday was quite an amusing day. We basically drove up to Kenosha to take an extended batting practice indoors and eat sack lunches provided by the dining hall. However, the Blog Master himself, Coach Bunnell, amused us all when he didn't get the 'memo' the games were cancelled (or banged as Coach Bogan says) for the day. So his mini-bus departed a little later than the rest of the team. And he was shorted a snickers bar in his sack lunch which at the moment is resting nicely in my stomach. Sorry about the confusion B.

Today we made a pretty good effort to get the water off the tarp and then another round of monsoons came whiping us out yet again. Watching the guys use the tarp as a slip N' slide made me think of being a little kid again and just having fun. The coaches received a few buckets of water over their head which was also amusing.

It was an undefeated weekend for the Cardinals and hopefully when the weather cooperates we will make a run at the tournament. Until next time........