Friday, April 10, 2009

What a Performance!

The Cardinals took game 1 of a two game set against Elmhurst today. I don't know what it is but every time I seem to post about a successful win, Mike Kloss is in the middle of it. Today is not going to be any different. Kloss punched out 17, yes 17, Blue Jay hitters today in the fridged temperatures. I can't recall ever being a part of something as dominating as what Mike did today. He battled all day long and fortuantely we were able to put up runs for him. Mike is a friend of mine, but I don't like him more than any of the other guys on the team. However, he has been our ace all year and has done some amazing things for us when he is given the ball so I will give him all the credit in the world. For those of you not familar with the game, 17 strikeouts is astonishing! I'm throwing myself out on a limb and predicting a CCIW Pitcher of the week award heading to him early next week.

Danny Scott did a great job at the top of the order and put down a clutch bunt with the bases loaded, Andrew Wulbecker (Uncle Wully as some of us call him) had a great day coming up with some clutch hits and there were other Cardinals who contributed as well. Game 1 was just fun to watch and I like being a fan in this aspect.

Unfortunately we let Game 2 slip away and we need to take this series tomorrow afternoon at The Zimm. Hope to see you out there!!