Friday, May 8, 2009

End of Week 6

With week 6 of the term winding down and the final weekend of baseball set for tomorrow and Sunday I thought that I would blog a little bit. Let's make no mistake that 2009, personally and from a team standpoint, has been disappointing. We are no where close to where we wanted to be and I feel heartbroken for the Seniors going out like this and so should everybody else involved. I'll point the finger at myself because I was nothing short of atrocious this season and it was hard coping with not being a contributor to the team like I planned on being. This isn't me hanging my head or lacking confidence, its acknowledging and evaluating my play and the standard I hold myself to. It will provide me more determination and more fire this off-season to want to come back physically and mentally above where I have been in the past as well as exhibit more leadership on and off the field.

I can promise you this....... we will not go through another season of embarrassment as we did this year. We will learn how to close games out and beat teams more consistently when we have games in hand. The players on the field control what happens in the course of the games and too many times this has fallen out of sight. I myself have been a victim of finding blame or reason for something that hasn't gone our way. I look forward to competing with the other teams in the CCIW for our team goal: a conference championship. One Team, One Goal is a motto that I am throwing out there for next season. No individual accolades because that doesn't get you anywhere and this is an issue that will be addressed.

As for this weekend, I advise all the guys to treat Mom extra special on Sunday. I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Barb, who has always been there for me no matter what the situation. I love you very much Mom and can't wait to see you Sunday.

End the week and the season on a high note. Hope to see you all out Saturday and Sunday. Thanks again for all the blog support this season. JMO 7