Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life is Bigger than Baseball


There haven't been many times that I personally have been involved in something that is bigger than the game itself and we all had the privilege of witnessing a remarkable event yesterday. A few days ago Aurora Catcher Ray Kosmicki lost his father. The very next day, Senior day for the Spartans, Ray opted to play with a heavy heart. I found it admirable that one of our baseball peers could muster the strength and play at a high level after such an emotional 24 hours. None of us know Ray but I can tell you that is something that I will never forget. The strength he displayed to everyone at the ballpark is overwhelming and I can't praise the kid enough for the toughness he showed. Many of us went up to the plate for our first AB and tapped his shinguards signaling that we were thinking of him. Of course all of our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family at this difficult time.

As for the game itself. The Cardinals were victorious 12-8 thanks to a strong offensive performance from Freshman phenom Joe Turek and Senior relief pitcher Joe Gaza. Turek's been mashing the ball all year and he will be a headache for many teams the next 3 years. Gaza is ending his career at North Central and has strung together strong appearances his last three times out. Congrats to those guys. The season is winding down and our goal is to take the last three scheduled ballgames to try and leave on a high note and build on something for next season. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone