Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Jersey of the Fourth Kind

The Cardinals will be sporting new alternate uniforms for the 2010 season (see right). Continuing on last year's addition of black into the color scheme, the Cards have added a fourth jersey to their wardrobe.

The new "cards" script will give a different look than the block "NC" (which can be seen below) which has been worn the past two seasons. Nick Robinson joined Cave contributors Dan Cladis and Justin Moriarty in a photo shoot which showed off the new hats from 2009, which gives a good look at the current uniform scheme.

The new Nike jersey will not be designated for any certain days or games but will give the team more options on longer trips, such as the season-opening Franklin, Indiana series or the week-long Florida trip. The Cards will also be sporting performance gear by Nike. Look for more pics to come as the year progresses.

Dan Cladis (left), Justin Moriarty (center), Nick Robinson (right) in a 2009 uniform photo shoot.