Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1 Wrap

Day 1 is officially in the books and we couldn't be more excited about how the day went. The new Res/Rec building has technically been open for awhile but for us it never really opened until this morning to rave reviews. After practice, we asked some of the players their thoughts on the first day.

Justin Moriarty (Sr.) - Collectively, guys seemed upbeat and ready to go to work. I thought Coach Fitz's address at the beginning of practice was a meaningful one to start the season. Coach (Fitzgerald) keeps things simple around the team and is more than fair when it comes to playing time. The best guys are going to play and that is all a team can ask for if they are really in favor of the ultimate goal of winning baseball games.

Dave Williams (Jr.) - The field house is could very well coincide with our success this season... it will really benefit our arms and legs, and I also thought practice was ran well as a whole, not a lot of commotion for a first day, which can be expected a lot of the time.

Aaron Kovac (So.) - Knowing that last year is in the past and we are only looking forward from this point on, as we can only go up from here. I think today's practice was a good way for us to ease into practice and begin our new season because it all starts from day one. I think Coach Heller really adds some knowledge to the team and his work outs are very beneficial to the team as a whole. Overall, a successful day in my opinion.

Joe Turek (So.) - The new building (Res/Rec) is definitely going to enhance our options, which in the end will enhance our performance.

Joe Wietecha (Fr.) - For the first practice of the spring, I thought things went really well. It seemed as if everyone practiced with a purpose of getting better.