Friday, February 19, 2010

Looks Familiar

Everyday before we take live ground balls, we perform a series of warm-up drills, usually done with a partner (sometimes in smaller groups). Demonstrating one of the forehand and backhand drills we do is 2008 Gold Glover Award winner Michael Young. The only difference is we add a "work through" motion at the end where the infielder will get in throwing position. We will either do sets of three or five with the "work through" on the last one.

To make sure the backbone(s) of our infield get some love, here is a video of Albert Pujols working on "Dirtball Picks" at first base. I picked this drill up a few years ago from a coach at Mississippi State and it has become a staple in our every day routine and is a favorite among the first baseman. The coach won't be in the picture until the end but you can see him using a fungo to hit the dirtballs, which adds an extra element to the drill.

These videos were added as favorites on The Coach's Cave YouTube page, along with a few others.