Saturday, February 27, 2010

Suburban Outfitters

Today we're taking a sneak peak at the 2010 version of North Central game hats. There are some big changes from last year's lids.

Home Hat
Similarities: As with both of last year's hats, the 2010 home hat will feature the Cardinal head on the crown with a red bill and cap. It is not visible from the picture (right), but it also features the "NC" on the back of the cap.

Differences: It's pretty obvious what the main difference is, but in case anyone needs a refresher, we are going with a white crown instead of black, accented with red eyelets.

Notes: The cap will be worn mostly with our home whites but will also be worn with virtually all of our jersey tops. The one combination fans will won't see is this worn with the road gray pants.

Road Hat
Similarities: The only similarity with this hat from last season's is that it is all black.

Differences: We decided to feature the "NC" on at least one of the hats this year. The "NC" is sort of a throwback edition reminiscent of the hats of the late-1990's/early-2000's. It features a bigger logo and the block letters are skinnier and more narrow than in years past. The road hat from two seasons ago featured a white "NC" but sported a thin black outline around the lettering. That is missing from this year's model. Not shown is the Cardinal head that is featured on the back.

Notes: Expect to see this hat at all road games this year and don't be surprised if it makes a few appearances at The Zimm.

Through the Years

Here's a look at the hats over the past five years or so. Back row (L-R): 2009 Home, 2009 Road, 2008 Home, 2008 Road, 2000-07 Home/Road. Front row (L-R): 2010 Home, 2010 Road

Suburban Outfitters

Here's a look at this year's game hats with the new Nike set of apparel. Featured in the locker is the new alternate black "Cards" jersey (right), the black BP top (left) with the long sleeve tee featuring the Cardinal head (middle) and the Nike turf trainers (bottom). Hidden in the locker are the black fleece and the short sleeve tee with the "NC" on the front. Stay tuned for more pics of the 2010 hats with the different uniforms.