Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Long Night Ahead

We are nearing twelve hours to Opening Day 2010 and the suspense is killing me. Coach Bogan and I are going stir crazy in the hotel room just waiting for the morning to come. The bus ride was fairly painless and we arrive in The Buckeye State about 6:30 pm EST where we stopped for a team meal. There has been some fun but this is a business trip and the team is treating as such.

We are trying to keep occupied in the room by looking over our notes and scouting reports. I have taped and re-taped my fungo just waiting for the time to pass. With all of our morning workouts my body clock sets its own alarm and that is usually around 4:15 am. So when that happens tomorrow I'll have some more time to kill and unfortunately, this hotel does not have a fitness center so that rules out a morning workout.

The countdown to first pitch is dwindling. Stay tuned to The Cave and for scores from tomorrow's double header with Franklin College.