Monday, March 8, 2010

New Challenges Ahead

We are faced with challenges everyday. Whether they are big or small, there is always something on our plate that we must overcome. Life on the baseball field is no different. The 2010 Cardinals came into this season with a lot of questions that needed to be answered. Can we win close ballgames? Will our pitching improve? Does this team have what it takes to compete with the CCIW's best? The answers to the first two were an astounding "Yes" after this weekend's season opener against Franklin College. The third will remain to be seen.

In 2009, we were faced with several opportunities to win close ballgames. And most of the time, we ended up on the short end. Granted it has only been two games, but we have overcome one of our challenges that we could not from a year ago..twice...against a very good Franklin team that won 30 games last year. But this is not last year. Not for them, not for us. Most importantly not for us.

After taking this first step in the young season, our next challenge is being able to handle success. We did not experience much of that last year, so we are in somewhat uncharted waters. Many of our players have come from winning programs, but we have not won together, so this is new to us as North Central Cardinals. The questions that will need to be answered over the next few weeks, and more importantly, the next few days will be: Can we handle winning? Will our approach be the same after a 2-0 start as it was during the five weeks of morning practice when we were 0-0? Can we handle a ten day layoff between games? Can we still focus at practice even with the end of the term and final exams coming up? All questions that will need to be answered. Discipline is a daily decision. If we keep that in mind, it will go a long way in answering those questions.

Log on to for a recap of the weekend in Ohio ("The Heart of it All"), along with box scores from both victories, and a look at upcoming games.

Special Thanks: On behalf of the Cardinal coaching staff, I would like to send out a special thanks to the Kloss family for sponsoring our between game meal. There was a lot going on in the baseball office once the weekend plans were changed and the between game meal fell to the bottom of the priority least until we secured hotel rooms and a charter bus. But just like yesterday's sweep, it was a total team effort and everyone did their part...especially the parents.