Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Sunshine State

We've been at the hotel for about three hours now with some time to relax after about 22 hours on the road. I'm busy crossing off some of my bracket teams after a few upsets in early action and a few upsets that didn't pan out as the second set of games get underway. Overall the trip wasn't bad. We arrived at the hotel around 3:30 EST. The coaches are getting some plans together for tomorrow's practice at Lake Gibson High School, which is right down the road from the hotel.

We have been very fortunate so far this season with our ability to practice outside. We have played only two games but have practiced outside close to a dozen times including our first practice at The Zimm yesterday before leaving campus. It wasn't the reason we swept Franklin but it definitely played a role. I think getting on a grass field for the second time tomorrow will no doubt help us this week.

Quick review of the movies from the trip:
1. Dumb and Dumber: Haven't watched this movie (not on TBS) in years. So many classic quotes throughout the movie...virtually every other line. Set the tone for an quasi-old school list of movies for the night.
2. Slap Shot: An even older-school selection but still a classic. I can't remember the last time I've watched this movie from start to finish. It has been playing a lot on the VS. channel and I usually catch it in the middle.
3. Bravehart/Coach Carter: These movies get grouped together because I fell asleep and saw a combined five minutes of both movies.
4. Ace Ventura: Another Jim Carrey flick, not as good as our first choice but still solid. Though it may have been staring Andrew Wulbecker. On numerous occasions you can hear Wulbs quoting lines from this movie around the batting cage and this was no different. To be fair, it was hard to pick out any particular player with the number who were quoting the movie.

Overall, some very solid movie choices. I was just happy we didn't watch any Will Ferrell movies. Lukily the ball fields are close enough to the field where we won't need to be entertained for the entire week.

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