Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breaking Bad...Habits

Okay, so they weren't really habits, but we haven't to this point been playing well in midweek games. Yesterday wasn't our best performance of the year either (5 errors is way, way too many), but the offense picked up the slack and we got our first mid-week home win of the year. We are now 3-2 in midweek games, 1-2 at home, but few will argue that we play our best on hump day.

A quick look at the numbers: In our three midweek home games, we have a combined 16 errors in 139 chances, which is good for a .885 fielding percentage. That's over one-third of our total errors for the season if you're scoring at home. If you add in the two other midweek games we have played (3 errors in 93 chances, .968 FLD%), we have committed 19 errors in 232 chances which is a shade under a 92% success rate (.918 FLD%). Now let's look at our numbers without the midweeks. In 21 games, we have committed only 24 errors in 702 chances (.966 FLD%). That's pretty good. In fact, that would rank us in a tie for the 22nd-best fielding percentage in the country (out of 359 teams). Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the walks and how 23 of our 93 base-on-balls have come in our three home games, but that's for another post.

At the moment, we are still fielding a respectable .954 through 26 games (43 errors in 934 chances) and over the past five years, the four teams that have advanced to the conference tournament have averaged a .952 fielding percentage (the average team has committed just under 72 errors in 1502 chances for a season). So there is no need to push the panic button because the bottom line still is our winning percentage (.808). But it is obvious that we need a different approach to our business during the midweek. The good news is we will have at least three more opportunities to work on this.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos from our weekend series with Carthage (where we committed only four errors in three games). Featured in the gallery are pics of kids from Triple Threat Mentoring who made a trip to The Zimm on Saturday (article can be found here) as well as some great action shots of our new featheredge stirrups.

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