Thursday, May 27, 2010

Awards Night

The 2nd Annual Players' Choice Awards concluded this evening on President Wilde's lawn. This was a welcome change of venue from last year's locale of the world wide web. I guess that's what happens when you complete one of the best turnarounds in school history, and probably the best in college baseball this year. However, the success of a season should never diminish the contributions of each and every player, and it should never impact the way teammates work together.

But what would an awards night be without the thank yous? So here we go...First to President Wilde for being so hospitable to the team tonight. For showing up to nearly every, if not all of our home games, and for grinding it out in the rain at Schaumburg. To Coach Bogan for providing the inspiration for the awards, and also the funding. And finally to Coach Cavenagh for just being around. There isn't a player on the roster who hasn't been helped by TC, whose impact far exceeds the dimensions of the ball field.

So without any further ado, the 2010 Players' Choice Awards...

Scholar Baller: Matt Abraham
Teammate(s): Justin Moriarty & Andrew Wulbecker
Gold Glove: Dan Scott
Quality At-Bat: Nick Robinson
Most Improved: Peter Romanello
Newcomer: TJ Hecimovich
Pitcher: Nate Arenson
Slugger: Nick Robinson
MVP: Nick Robinson

A note on the Red Bat Award by Coach Bogan:
The final award is a new award sponsored by Coach Cavenagh. It is an award that TC hopes will become a coveted achievement among the North Central baseball team. A coach, adviser, professor, but most of all, friend to the program, TC exudes exactly what the Red Bat Award is meant to represent. His contributions, efforts and presence have been beacons of inspiration and guidance for those associated with the Cardinal baseball program.

The player that earns the Red Bat Award, is the player who contributed to the success of the team whether it be on the field, in the dugout, in the locker room, at team dinners, or while hanging out with the guys. This player is one who is viewed by all as a positive influence on the Cardinal baseball program.

Second, the Red Bat Award honors the Cardinal whose effort in the classroom should be recognized. The player need not maintain a 4.0, but instead show signs of consistency and improvement while exhibiting a disciplined work ethic and a thirst for knowledge.

In addition to these facets, the player who earns the Red Bat Award gives back to the community, whether it be on campus or in Naperville. Providing service and representing the North Central baseball team in a positive light is a natural characteristic of this award's recipient.

And now the finalists: Nick Robinson, Peter Romanello, Dan Scott and Andrew Wulbecker
And the Red Bat Award goes to...Dan Scott

Congratulations to all the award winners in 2010! Thanks for hanging around. There is still more to come so consider this the 7th inning stretch. Stay tuned for the Season in Review: Shutterbug Edition, a few promised videos (they're still in the editing room), and a little bit more. See you at the ballpark!