Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bus Leaves 1:30

There's not too much to say about this upcoming week that hasn't already been said or at the very least thought, but we've been given something that few teams or players ever get and that's a second chance. This is no doubt a huge step for our program returning to form but there is a lesson to be learned here. Yes, the conference tournaments are very important and there is a lot of emphasis put on them, as there should be. But it is reassuring to know there is still value placed on the grind of a 40-game regular season and a grueling 21-game conference schedule (the CCIW was able to get three teams in the tournament for the third time in the last four years, so that should tell you something about the level of play in the conference).

So as the program moves forward beyond this week and into next year, it is important to remember that even though many teams can get hot at the right time of year and advance to the postseason, every single day and every single practice does matter throughout the
entire year and does make a difference in the types of teams we become later on.

We are departing for Moline later today for our workout at Brunner Field. There won't be too many posts during the week, but stay tuned to
The Coach's Cave Twitter feed for updates on the week. We hope to see the Red Bird Alliance out in full force. Thanks for reading!