Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Conference Champions

It fit like a glove. The situation that is. We had one of our most dominant and our most consistent pitchers on the mound who mowed down the first two hitters of the 9th inning. The 27th out, always the toughest to get, was a routine ground ball hit to our shortstop. The final out was recorded by a player who is having one of the best single seasons in school history. None of us really knew what to expect after the moment the ball entered the first baseman's glove but that's because no one has experienced anything quite like it. With all the excitement that comes with winning a conference title, the mood was somewhat reserved and didn't stray too far from our moods after every other win this season. While there are times to let loose, the team had collectively decided that there would be much more at stake later this week and this was in essence, "just another win."

With that said, I will defer the remainder of my post to senior/outfielder Justin Moriarty for another feed from the Correspondents.

16-24, 14-23, 11-25-1......31-7! The senior class has certainly endured their fair share of agony during their time in Cardinal uniforms. However, on Sunday we all reached a plateau unlike anything else we have experienced in college and that is an outright conference championship. It is easy to bicker and moan about waking up at 5am in the dead of winter, scrambling to fit in a bullpen or hitting session into your daily schedule, and trying to balance a rigorous academic schedule while attempting to be a part of a team. As part of my personal education background with teaching we are taught to constantly reflect. Reflect on the methods used in the classroom, whether they were effective or ineffective, and what you can do to improve. Reflecting back on all the work that was put in and effort that was exerted by the team to make it to this point is also worth while. At times you may internalize questions like, “Why the heck am I going through all this trouble?” Well I’ll tell you why. It’s for opportunities like this upcoming weekend. Yes, we won the CCIW regular season, but we’re not finished yet.

In the past it would have been a joy to just be a part of the conference tournament. But this is not the past. We as a team are fortunate enough to play this weekend in front of family and friends at our own yard in hopes of extending our season for yet another weekend doing what we love to do; what we sacrifice to do. We have the opportunity to extend our time together as a team. In the past we just played out schedules looking ahead to refocus our priorities back to closing out the school year on a strong note academically. This year we look ahead to make history. We’re as hungry as we were on February 1st and that is a testament to the group of guys we have. This will be the last weekend the Cardinals will be in action at The Zimm during the 2010 campaign. The team looks forward to seeing an enthusiastic crowd come out and support us in hopes of continuing this remarkable journey.