Monday, September 6, 2010

And with the First Pick...

One thing about going to a new program is finding out about ongoing traditions and rituals that exist and how they compare to what you've seen in the past. The 2010 Storm Fall League Draft was held last night after practice and there was a lot of extra buzz about these intersquad games. What makes these games unique is the team rosters stay the same from year to year instead of just resetting the rosters. There will always be bragging rights involved but the SFL carries over each year and there is a little more intensity and competitiveness with each game.

This is something new to me because there seemed to be so much turnover in player personnel this would be a difficult format to maintain. But the players have embraced the idea and added an extra element in the fall and with the first game of the year still six months away, it always helps to make the fall more competitive.

Stay tuned throughout the fall for SFL scores, standings and other updates.

Cave Notes
Congratulations to former North Central Cardinal and Cave Correspondent Justin Moriarty on being named head baseball coach at his alma mater of Fenton High School in Bensenville, IL. Good luck JMo! Read some of his past posts here.