Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eye of the Storm, Part I

Because winter sucks and we're still seven weeks away from the start of winter practice, I think we all need a distraction to get us through these next few months. With that said, we're taking a look at the past while keeping our eye on the future and our mind in the present by taking a look into a day in the life of a Storm baseball player. For the look back, we'll get a glimpse into a typical day during the fall semester.

For the Storm baseball program, fall ball roughly begins after Labor Day, about three weeks into the start of the semester and lasts five weeks. During those five weeks, the team spends two days a week in the weight room and five days a week on the practice field. The next few entries will describe how players balance academics, meals, practice and college life.

6:00 am - Rise and Shine
Dickinson, Fowler and Ritter Halls
During the fall, players get an early wake-up call for a morning lift. The actual time each player wakes up will vary depending on their proximity to campus. But when the players do get up, most of them leave from their 144 square-foot living areas which come complete with two twin beds, dressers, and desks. Even though the campus is now wireless, there are high-speed internet connections in each room. If a player doesn't have his own computer, he can head down to the lobby and use one in the computer lab, located adjacent to the laundry room and kitchenette.

6:30 am - Getting Swoll
Ritchie Athletic Center
I really don't know how "swoll" became part of the Storm lexicon but it's alive and well and using it has become as essential to a baseball player as breathing. And with a facility like Ritchie Gym (pictured right), it's no wonder. There are at least 14 platforms attached to state-of-the-art racks with Eleicko bars along with stretch bands, BOSU balls, physioballs along with many other strength tools to aide the baseball team in their strength training. Twice a week the Storm baseball team gathers in Ritchie on days of practices to supplement the fall development. Once fall ball ends, the team meets three times a week. There are days where the team will stay home and workout at the Osborne Center.

7:30 am - Refueling
Arther S. Holden Center
After an intense workout to start the day, the team makes their way over to the dining hall to refuel before class. Each player on the meal plan has the option to visit the cafe for three squares a day and can eat as much as they want during each trip. In addition to the dining hall, the Holden Center features the campus bookstore, residence life, campus security, as well as classrooms and a 24-hour computer lab.

Up next...Part II: Class Time