Monday, December 13, 2010

Eye of the Storm, Part III

The first two parts of the all-access pass finished with our student-athletes wrapping up practice at Braggs Field. The inside look featured an early morning workout at the Ritchie Athletic Center, breakfast and lunch at the Holden Center, class in the College's academic buildings, and finally practice at Kiwanis Park.

12:00 pm-4:00 pm - Individual Workouts
Osborne Fitness Center
After the fall season, each player is allowed two hours a week to spend working with their respective coach at their respective positions in small, four-man groups. Each session is one hour each and occur on two different days during the week. The pitchers use each session to work with Coach Sankovich (pictured right) on various aspects of their craft. This year, Coach Sank opted not to have the pitchers throw bullpens (much to the catchers delight) instead focusing on their balance and overall delivery mechanics as well as their arm strength.

Infielders and catchers have their training sessions split into offensive and defensive segments. The catchers get their defensive work in with Coach McGee while the infielders work with Coach Bunnell. Both groups work with Coach Cormell on their offense with the outfielders who hit during each session.

This format lasts four weeks through the week of Thanksgiving. The NCAA rules permit this activity to run up until a week before finals. The players also continue their strength and conditioning three days a week that involves lifting, agility work, and speed training.

7:00 pm-9:00 pm - Study Table
Arthur S. Holden Center
Once the final out of the SFL is recorded and fall ball is completed, the players are required to attend two, two-hour study sessions which are held in a classroom in the upstairs of the Holden Center. All freshman are required to attend as well as upperclassmen with a sub-2.5 GPA. While in study table, the student-athletes have the option to utilize the classroom's computers for anything class-related, whether it is typing a paper or researching a project (sorry Facebook). There is also an opportunity for players to review any upcoming exams, papers or projects with Coach Sank who is the team's academic supervisor.

Up next...Part IV: Off Days