Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eye of the Storm, Part IV

As Brett Farve just showed us, everyone needs a day off now and then. Such is the case for college student-athletes. Even as demanding and time consuming as being a Division II collegiate athlete can be, there is, believe it or not, time to relax and hang out with friends among other things.

Intramurals - Osborne Fitness Center
Basketball can be a great way to stay in shape and it can also keep the competitive juices flowing. Fortunately, Lake Erie offers a number of intramural programs to keep students busy throughout the year including flag football, volleyball and dodgeball among others. Basketball remains the most popular among the Storm baseball players and takes place in the auxiliary gym located in the Osborne Center (pictured right). The team usually competes through the Thanksgiving holiday, at which point their fun on the court is put on hold until the next season. With the winter practice season beginning once classes resume in January, there is not much time for IM Sports (which works out because baseball players are prohibited to participate during the season).

Apartment Life - Founders Court and Lydia Sessions Hall
Whether its playing XBox, PS3 or even an old school Nintendo, video games are always a part of college life and off days. I believe the trending choice of which game to play is Call of Duty but it could be something completely different once classes resume in January. A popular location for team video game sessions are on campus apartments such as Founders Court (pictured right).

Once a student enters his junior year, they are eligible to move into on-campus apartments. The rooms feature one or two-bed layouts with 12' x 19' common area complete with an 8' x 10' kitchen area and bathroom. Most of our upperclassman live with this setup or move completely off campus in houses or apartments. The coaching staff does not interfere with the rooming assignments and leave this responsibility to the staff in the Residence Life department and the players themselves. Players can room with, but are not in any way limited to, other baseball players.

Student-Athletes Advisory Committee (SAAC)
This group gathers to "facilitate communication between the student-athletes and the Lake Erie College Athletic Department (courtesy Lake Erie website). Student-athletes are nominated, selected, chosen from each of the 23 intercollegiate teams on campus to help with community activities and promoting teams on campus as well as many other activities. Each sport has a representative or two but all student-athletes are encouraged to attend the bi-weekly meetings and various events.

Up next...Part V: Spring Training (coming in January)
Hopefully you've enjoyed a look into the life of a college baseball player. The next installment of the Eye of the Storm will hopefully feature a daily account from the current players on the team, following them throughout an actual day during the winter practice season. But because winter practice sounds depressing and college teams do not actually leave for spring training (or when they do, the games actually count towards their record), I will refer to the five weeks of indoor practice as spring training from this point forward. See you in the sun!