Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Training: Days 1 & 2

This post is a little late but there has been so much going on in the program the past few days, the task slipped down the priority list. The start of spring training, for instance, took up a lot of our time along with a number of recruits visiting campus, and a staff meeting or two. But it's (sometimes) never late than never. The first two days have went extremely well based on the amount of work completed. If you add Monday's weight training and Tuesday morning's speed training sessions, the team has put in a lot of work.

Spring Training: Day 1
Spring. Training. Those two words standing alone really don't do much for me but when placed in succession, they conjure up strong feelings of excitement and anticipation that can only be matched by the words "Opening Day." With the amount of excitement and anticpation that normally surrounds Spring Training," there wasn't one thing that really stood out on the first day. But the pure fact that workouts are underway is enough for me.

We didn't spend much time talking to the team or explaining drills, the bulk of that was handled in the fall. So we just jumped into position-specific drills at the outset and hitters took in the upwards of 300 swings.

Spring Training: Day 2
Day 2 was a bullpen day for all the pitchers and strictly an ofensive day for the position players. The bullpens were light with regards to the number of pitches each pitcher threw, but there was the added effect of hitters standing in for each pitcher. The first two days were basically to get used to baseball movements again, even though our guys had been working out on their own over the winter. From this point on, the workouts will get much more interesting. Starting on Friday, the team will head to the Lost Nation Sports Complex to use their indoor facility, complete with a fully-turfed infield and live bullpens begin on Sunday.

Stay tuned for more spring training updates in the coming week on the blog as well as The Cave's Twitter Feed. RAGE ON!