Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spring Training: Bullpens Unplugged

We are now only a month away from Opening Day 2011 when our first pitch will be thrown in St. Augustine, Florida. It is now the time of year when the screws get tightened during practice and the intensity picks up as well. This usually means that live bullpens have begun where the hitters and pitchers square off in the cage. Continuing with the look-ins to the 2011 version of Storm Spring Training, we take a look at some of this weekend's live bullpen action. The hitters have been doing drill work for two weeks waiting for the moment when they get to dig in versus the Storm pitching staff. Like the hitters, the pitchers have been doing chair drills, towel and band work for months waiting to see an opponent in the box. Let's take a few minutes to put the snow shovels down and take a look at some live AB's. The video can be found at The Cave's YouTube site, but you may also watch by clicking here.