Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Training: Final At Bat of the Day

The first pitch of the 2011 Lake Erie baseball season will be thrown two weeks from today in St. Augustine, Florida. We have now been outside two days in-a-row. Live bullpens are in full swing (no pun intended). We are at the point where the players are getting anxious to get between the lines and play for real. To fight baseball's version of cabin fever, we try many different things in practice to keep things competitive, or to add any game-like feel to the drill. Today's live bullpens finished with Matt Vanni on the mound against Zach Mosbarger. With it being the final at bat of the day, the cage drew a crowd quicker than a playoff hole at TPC Sawgrass. Now nearly 80 eye balls focused on the 60'6" battleground, the question was who would prevail, hitter or pitcher? Thanks to modern technology, we have the answer. Check out the video here, and check out The Cave's YouTube page at for more videos.