Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

It doesn't matter how old I am or how long I've been in the game, the day I receive my uniforms for the upcoming season is always a special day. It has become a ritual every year near the end of spring training to put on each set of uniforms and practice the game moves. As a player, this would consist of getting in your batting stance and taking a few cuts or fielding some grounds balls and although it never applied to me in games, working through a windup from the mound. Now as a coach, this has moved into giving signs into the mirror or hitting fungos, but a few swings or ground balls may find their way into the routine.

Uniform handout was Saturday where players and coaches alike received their three game tops, three pants, belts, socks and stirrups. Having received our two game hats a few weeks earlier, we are ready to go. So I used part of my Sunday to test drive the different combinations of our uniform set. We are still awaiting our fourth jersey top, which should arrive this week, which means there is more test driving ahead...buckle up!