Saturday, February 19, 2011

We Are Official

The countdown to opening day is approaching two weeks and spring training became official today when we were able to get outside for the first time. With temperatures nearing the 60's on Thursday and Friday, conditions were ideal to get on the football field. But Thursday is our off day, and Friday is our day at Lost Nation so we were unable to get on the field turf at Jack Britt Stadium until this morning. The conditions were not nearly ideal, with the temperature just above freezing and extreme winds howling around the confines of Kiwanis Recreation Park but it was exactly what we needed.

The outfielders have been able to long toss every week at Lost Nation but have yet to see a live fly ball. Short of live game action, nothing simulates balls off the bat like batting practice but with live bullpens still taking place in the Osborne Center, that wasn't possible. The outfielders would have to settle for balls off the fungo. Despite the cold temperatures and the wind, the sun did make an appearance and add another element to the workout.

Power Infield made a modified return in Friday's practice but was in mid-season form during today's infield outdoor session. Infielders have more of an advantage during the winter months as far as their defense is concerned. By that I mean they have more opportunities to take game-like reps, but until they get outside and take live balls off the bat, they are in the same boat as everyone else.

Overall, today was a successful one, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. There are still two weeks to continue working out the kinks before the first pitch is thrown on March 6th in the Sunshine State.