Thursday, February 10, 2011

When It Was a Game

As "Scotty Smalls" of Minor League University wrote last week, there are certain ways baseball players handle bus rides. There is a strategy to picking your seat to not only ensure you get your own row, but to also sit in the optimum seat for watching movies. There are iPods, DVD's, magazines, cards, and laptops to keep players occupied on long trips. But there are certain things to take on trips that don't require any extra space in your bag which can eat up a few hours on trips or rain delays.

"Black Magic," "Camping Game," and the "Triangle Game" are names of dugout games as common with baseball players as "I Spy" is to kids on family vacations. These games probably originated in baseball during summer ball, where bus rides ranging from 2-4 hours are the norm, but have made their way to the spring season as well. These games are fun for awhile but played too long can create some unwanted hostility if the guys trying to break the code have trouble figuring it out.

Our featured game today is called "Destination Game." The purpose is to guess the next city the player will visit based on a series of clues from his previous stops. For those of you who have never heard of, or played the Destination Game, we have provided some video of how it works. In this footage, juniors Jae Leeworthy and Matt Vanni give us an example of how the game is played and leave us with one to figure out on our own. We will be back in a week or so with the correct destination. See if you can figure it out. Enjoy!

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