Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Games for a Rainy Day

This has been one of the worst springs weather-wise that I can remember in awhile. Somehow, we have only had one game postponed or cancelled, until today's postponement of our single-9 with Notre Dame College. We have played in 20 degree weather, winds in the 35 mph range, days filled with a mix of rain, snow, and hail, and throw in the fact we have only practiced on our field twice this spring. But through all that, spirits have remained high and we have posted a 15-17 overall record with an 8-11 conference mark. By no means are we happy with being under .500 but we are still in a position to compete for one of the four playoff spots. And all you can ask for is an opportunity.

Because today has now turned from game day to practice day, I would like to share one of my favorite practice drills for the infield, called Power Infield. The drill is explained by one of my former players, Ryan Tanner Schmidt so make sure the volume is up high. This is a drill that was developed during the winter months of spring training while coaching at Mount Union College. The players liked the drill so much that we adopted it as our pregame Infield/Outfield (I/O) routine, which has made a triumphant return to the pregame ritual after a two year hiatus. So sit back, take a few notes, and most importantly...enjoy!

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