Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eye of the Storm: 11 Days to Fall Ball

20 Days to Fall Ball...
Wednesday, August 17...11 Days

6:50 am - Today felt like the first actual day of the year. I actually set my alarm this morning because the past few days have been get up whenever. The coaching staff had planned to meet at Dickenson Hall to help move freshman into their dorms.

8:31 am - I arrived at a somewhat deserted office. Coach McGee had been there for what I can guess an hour or so getting ready for our staff meeting later in the day. I had a few house cleaning duties at my desk before we walked across campus to the dorms. The first few items were sending out a few more camp (Saturday, September 17) emails and following up last night's phone calls with emails to each recruit. Camp was starting to shape up, which was promising for this time of the year. T-Shirts have been ordered, a trainer was lined up and hundreds of flyers were sent. The next phase of the camp prep was waiting for the registration forms to arrive. That, and more promoting (Saturday, September 17).

10:26 am - Sank finally arrived at the office which meant we could finally walk across campus for move-in as a staff. We immediately ran into the first crop of freshman. All seven of our on campus kids were in the same dorm.

2:05 pm - We sat down in Coach McGee's office for our weekly recruiting meeting. This was a relatively short meeting as far as recruiting talks are concerned. But there wasn't a lot of news to report. We made a lot calls and left a lot of voice mails. But we did make head waves with a few recruits so we left on a high note.

5:36 pm - The day had finally come to an end after six of our freshman left the office to head back to their dorms. Naturally, they were going to change, grab their gear and come back to the gym to get take some swings, and play some catch. The first day of anything is always optimistic and today was no different. Of course, there is still the first day of fall ball, the first day of individuals, the first day of spring training, and opening day to feel optimistic about, but I'll look forward to experiencing each one on its own.

Up next: 10 Days to Fall Ball

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