Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eye of the Storm: 12 Days to Fall Ball

20 Days to Fall Ball...
Tuesday, August 16...12 Days

9:04 am - Yesterday was a long day in many respects. I spent almost five hours on the road to and from Pittsburgh. It was a family affair so I won't go into much detail, but it was a day I'd rather forget (and coincidentally, it has nothing to do with Pittsburgh). Nonetheless, I got home rather late and needed a few extra ZZZ's. As far as I'm concerned, my work week starts tomorrow when we welcome the freshman to campus.

9:06 am - Before I get started with any baseball work, I needed to mow the lawn. It needed it Saturday but I went to the Indians game that night and took off for downtown around 2pm. The subsequent rain both Sunday and Monday nullified any chances of that happening. Dating back to my days at Mount Union, where I was the Athletic Grounds Supervisor for baseball, softball and soccer, cutting grass has always been a stress reliever. The mower I used had four rollers which enabled me to make various designs in the outfield grass. That was without question the funnest part of that job.

10:11 am - After the lawn, cereal, and a shower, I got down to business. I had a pretty hefty to-do list so I had to stay focused. The majority of the list featured between 15-20 recruiting calls. Each coach is responsible for a certain number of recruits, with the head coach ultimately being responsible for all of them, but each coach takes pride in the recruits he actually brings on campus. A moment of such pride was in 2010 while still at North Central, when TJ Hecimovich, a left-hander from northwest Indiana, threw eight scoreless innings allowing seven only hits (all singles) to earn the victory in the final game of the regular season which clinched the conference title. TJ was my first recruit to commit during the 2009 season and set the stage for a memorable 2010. Every coach is recruiting to experience moments like this.

11:34 am - The cable guy showed up, I think unscheduled, to fix the recent problems with the HD channels. Despite not being aware of the appointment, his arrival designated as good a time as any to take a break from database work. The past hour and a half was mostly answering emails, adding names to the camp (Saturday, September 17) database, and planning which kids needed calling.

1:05 pm - Back from lunch, I got started on my recruiting calls. I was having moderate success in my first few days of making calls and was hoping today would see a few more pick-ups and a few less voicemails.

3:04 pm - I was having much better success today than I had in my previous two attempts at making recruiting calls. I was still leaving quite a few voicemails but my call volume had increased as well. I was hoping to have an idea of where most of these recruits stood so I could have something concrete to bring to tomorrow's recruiting meeting. But I'd say I had a good start through the first week of calls.

4:36 pm - I was done making calls and the next step was to enter the names into Compliance Assistant. This wasn't necessarily something that needed done everyday but Tuesday was going to be one of my days to take care of this and I hate letting these things build up into seemingly insurmountable piles of work, so I decided to just get it done.

5:03 pm - I started eating dinner while watching All Bets are Off on STO. I don't get into talk radio that much but I do like this show and once of my favorite writers, Jonah Keri was making a guest appearance. I am reading his book "The Extra 2%" which centers around the Tampa Bay Rays and their rise from worst to first. It's a good read thus far but I haven't made enough time for myself to sit down and finish it.

5:27 pm - I finished dinner and took a peak at my depleted to-do list. Like with any profession, the list will never be fully completed, but I accomplished a lot today. I feel good about tomorrow's meeting. I was in a good place which will allow me to feel excited instead of anxious about the start of fall ball.

6:01 pm - The last thing on the to-do list was to finish crunching the defensive numbers from the past three seasons. This was a task which could be left until later when I would sit down and watch the Tribe game tonight.

Up next: 11 Days to Fall Ball

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