Friday, August 12, 2011

Eye of the Storm: 16 Days to Fall Ball

20 Days to Fall Ball...
Friday, August 12...16 Days

8:32 am - Woke up later this morning by design. There wasn't much on the schedule for today. We finished the mailing yesterday which was the big task for the week. Hopefully, the flyers would be sent out this afternoon. But whether they were or weren't, it was out of my control.

8:34 am - After putting on my glasses, I sat down at the computer to check my email. I would be doing any of my work from the home office today. But as I said, there wasn't much on the to-do list. I sent a few emails after the mailing before leaving the office last night and I had received some quick responses. We are trying to coordinate some possible overnight visits the weekend of the prospect camp (Saturday, September 17) which dominated most of the conversations.

9:37 am - I finished my morning emails and decided to run some errands during the morning so I could meet my dad for lunch. I received a few tweets saying my account had been sending out spam. I quickly changed my password and notified tech support but who knows. I have a feeling I will have to change my password every two days.

2:16 pm - I got back to the house and picked up where I left off earlier in the day. I have been getting strong response thus far from potential campers so I spent the next few hours answering camp questions. The more the merrier. I will answer camp questions all day long so long as it helps our attendance.

3:51 pm - Emails were sent and I was taking a break. I went over to a high school friend's house to see how he was adjusting to his new principal job. But he had started this week and wasn't home. Unfazed at Jim's absence, I went upstairs to partake in a game of old-fashioned hide and seek with my Goddaughter Addison. I also wanted to get her autograph on a photo that had appeared in the local paper.

4:55 pm - Sent my last email of the day...most likely. Tonight is going to be an early night as far as work is concerned. A big series for the Tribe starts tonight and the PGA final rounds are this weekend so there will be plenty to do while not doing anything.

Up next: 15 Days to Fall Ball

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