Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eye of the Storm: 17 Days to Fall Ball

20 Days to Fall Ball...
Thursday, August 11...17 Days

7:50 am - We had a daunting task ahead of us today, having to finish the prospect camp mailing. So it was worth getting up a little earlier today. Despite the fact I got home late last night after an incredible Indians game, I forced myself to get out of bed. I'm not going to tell you that it was a Rocky Balboa "eye of the tiger" moment or anything, but I had no idea how long this would take today so I wanted to get an earlier start.

8:24 am - I left the house after downloading a few podcasts for the drive into the office. I'm listening to a series of podcasts by Jim Meier called Championship Thinking. They aren't nearly as entertaining as the BS Report, but it definitely has more value for me.

10:04 am - I got to the office and was very focused. The printer was back online so before I did anything else, I printed out the address labels for our recipients. Once that was completed, I could start labeling all 1,000-plus envelopes. We had an advantage today because there was a student-worker manning the front desk in the Osborne Center lobby who could lend a helping hand. It was a HUGE help! Sank and I debated yesterday about running to Staples to utilize their tri-fold machine. The one in the mail room was temporarily out of service. We seriously considered forking over the $.02 per sheet to save ourselves the agony of folding each and every flyer. We decided against it which saved us about $20 but it was in my head the entire time.

11:15 am - I took a break from folding and labeling to email a few recruits about the camp. But these were players we had already developed a relationship with throughout the summer. I could feel my wrist becoming constricted by about a year's worth of carpal tunnel syndrome happening in an instant. But emailing recruits wasn't exactly the best remedy, but it needed done.

1:35 pm - Sank and I, along with one of our compliance assistants Kevin, made our way downtown for lunch at the best pizza place (and my favorite) in town, Bada-Bing Pizza. One of the unknown tidbits at Bada-Bing is that if you yell "Bada-Bing" as you enter the restaurant, you receive $1 off your order. Of course it doesn't apply on the lunch specials that we usually order (2 slices and a beverage for $4), but it's worth knowing if you order a full pie or a sub.

2:18 pm - We got back from little Italy and got back to the labels. Sank and I actually split up the job duties. He kept folding while I finished the labels and we both would handle the stuffing. Coach McGee jumped in at the bottom of the hour. It was a good opportunity to talk shop in an informal setting while a few of our returning players took some swings in the background. Classes begin the 22nd but a lot of upperclassmen come back early to move in to their off-campus living arrangements.

4:29 pm - We finally finished the mailing! This accomplishment was slightly delayed after we realized we were short about 200 flyers. At this point, we were all working in the lobby so I went back in the main athletic office to run the 200 or so copies. This added an extra 20 minutes or so to the task.

4:35 pm - We dropped off the 1,000-plus envelopes to Randy Jackson in the mail room. But there was a little problem in the way the envelopes were delivered. The flaps weren't overlapping and in order for them to be run through the sealer, they needed to be. This was a 10-minute job at the window, but at this point, we were on the other side of the tunnel. As we returned back to the athletic offices, insult was added to injury. While walking back to the baseball workspace, we noticed a stack of papers on the desk next to ours. That area had been deserted by Kevin, as he had left for the day. In the area behind where his laptop sat for the majority of the day, was the stack of 200 folded camp flyers that were the previously thought to be missing, or just not printed. It was bittersweet for me because I felt redemption in my math skills but as Steven Coogler once said, "In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes." So despite the renewed self-esteem, we wasted nearly 30 minutes in this ordeal. However, the bottom line is that the mailing was done, and in the end it was a victory.

4:57 pm - After finishing the mailing, there a few emails waiting for me in my inbox. The Indians game was going to feature a potentially great pitching matchup between Fausto Carmona and Justin Verlander so I wanted to reply to as many emails as I could because I wasn't going to spend much time on the computer later in the evening. I also planned to make a few recruiting calls tonight between innings.

6:15 pm - I finally left the office and should make it home in time for the first pitch of the Tribe game. The flyers would be sent out on Friday so there isn't much on the docket the rest of the week. It feels good to be done.

Up next: 16 Days to Fall Ball

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