Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eye of the Storm: 18 Days to Fall Ball

20 Days to Fall Ball...
Wednesday, August 10...18 Days

8:01 am - It was another not so early morning. I figure I'd better take advantage of these while I still had the opportunity. Once the fall season begins we will have 6am weight training workouts twice a week, which means 5am wake-up calls. That, along with early morning weekend practices and you're looking at a lot of dewey wake-ups.

11:44 am - I finished a mail merge creating four separate lists of labels for both seniors and juniors ready to print except the football staff was borrowing the office printer/copier so the labels had to be put on hold. Kyle Akins, our sports info GA, had finished editing our camp flyer this morning which was now ready to be sent out. I emailed a copy to Randy Jackson in the who helped us out by running the copies in the mail room. Since we had some time before the copies were made, the three of us (myself, Sank and McGee) went to lunch at the cafe.

12:06 pm - You can tell we are getting closer to the start of the new school year because every day, there is more food offered at the cafe. Over the summer, campus can be a desolate place and the need for large quantities of food is nonexistent. But the cooks or chefs (I'm not sure which they prefer to be called) are trying to knock the rust of their games, the two weeks leading up to the start of classes is their spring training. Today, diced chicken was an option in the salad bar. I hadn't seen that in quite some time. Today's conversations were very similar to the previous day's which revolved mostly around recruiting and the 2012 schedule.

12:46 pm - lunch was a little shorter today because we had to get going on this camp mailing. This meant a stop back at the mail room to pick up our flyers. There were also two presents sitting for the baseball team which we could take back to the office. The main one was a new bat from Akadema in which the players could try out for the fall to see if we want to buy a few for the spring. We currently use Easton and I happen to like that brand (it happens to be the brand I used in college) but with the new BBCOR bats I don't think it matters too much which brand we use.

2:39 pm - We had a quick ten-minute meeting about which recruits each coach would begin calling. Actually, we have had contact with a number of players since the June 15th startup date. But Sank and I were assigned which recruits we would be responsible for calling and trying to set up visits with. After leaving Coach McGee's office, we went back to our area to continue folding flyers, getting them ready for the envelopes. We still couldn't print labels because the printer/copier was offline as a result of being unplugged for football report day. I guess we'd have to wait until tomorrow.

4:19 pm - We were still folding flyers. We need a GA!

5:37 pm - I finally left the office, on my way to meet my cousin. We had tickets to see the Tribe-Tigers matchup at The Jake (yes, I still call it that). I was excited to see Ubaldo make his home debut. It would be a good end to a day full of the not-so-exciting work that accompanies working in college athletics.

Up next: 17 Days to Fall Ball

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