Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eye of the Storm: 19 Days to Fall Ball

20 Days to Fall Ball...
Tuesday, August 9...19 Days

8:04 am - Woke up a little later today than I did yesterday. I think the lack of sleep over the past few days and weeks finally caught up with me. But once I was out of bed, I decided to begin easing my way back into a workout routine. Team weight training sessions will begin once fall ball begins so I want to get the soreness out now so I still have the ability to throw batting practice when the need should arise.

8:58 am - Finished my morning workout and grabbed a quick bite to eat while checking my email. After seeing a message from both Coach McGee and Coach Sankovich, I realized I had to make a slight adjustment to my recruiting list from yesterday. Our meeting is in four hours so I will have plenty of time to update my list.

9:41 am - I finished editing my list and should be ready for the meeting, at least as paperwork was concerned. I had a few notes to print out once I got to the office, but the work was done. One thing I've learned over the past year is that Coach McGee is very organized and meetings run more smoothly when everyone else on staff is as well. This is definitely one of my strong points as far as office work is concerned.

11:19 am - I got to the office a little later than I wanted but I had a few errands to run. One of the benefits of coaching, especially in the summer, is there aren't necessarily set office hours so there can be a lot of freedom to take care of little things here and there. When I got to the office, Coach Sank was standing in Coach McGee's office. They were talking about a lot of the topics we would be discussing later but I still added to the brief discussion. A discussion that started around our top recruits and how they potentially fit into our program and quickly transitioned into our current personnel.

1:00 pm - We returned back to the office from lunch in the cafe. Most of the conversation centered around pretty much the same things we were just talking about in Coach McGee's office. The thing about baseball coaches, and I'm guessing coaches in general, is that we love talking about our sport, and we love talking about our players and how fun it is to watch them grow into the players we think they can be. There were a few housecleaning items in our email inboxes that we needed to attend to before our closed door meeting officially took place. This gave me a chance to get my notes together.

1:59 pm - After much anticipation, the recruiting meeting finally started.

3:49 pm - The recruiting meeting ended in a shade under two hours. We went through our entire database, narrowing down prospective student-athletes to a list that will allow us to target players who not only are talented and will be accepted into the school, but who also have an interest in our program. So with that said, two hours isn't too bad. We also had some discussion regarding our spring trip, but I won't say too much until the details are finalized.

5:38 pm - We finished up some details regarding our fall prospect camp (Saturday, September 17) while Kyle, our sports information GA, worked on the camp brochure. And after I finished a few small tasks at my desk, it was time to call it a day. Of course I did have some more work to do at the home office, but I finally was able to get in my car and head home.

Up next: 18 Days to Fall Ball

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