Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eye of the Storm: 5 Days to Fall Ball

20 Days to Fall Ball...
Monday, August 22...5 Days

6:33 am - Woke up early today, trying to prepare the body for 6:30 workouts which begin in exactly one week. During the final weeks of the summer recruiting calendar, I was routinely waking up in the 5am range, but a few days of getting up after 8 or 9 can quickly disrupt the body clock.

7:31 am - I emailed a few recruits to follow-up some of the phone calls from last night which was followed by a session of Compliance Assistant.

11:37 am - I had some errands to run in the morning so I got to the office a little later but still in plenty of time to prepare for tonight's team meeting. We were pretty prepared as a staff so there wasn't much to do before hand. Print out the fall calendars, run some copies of the player profile sheets and we were set.

2:31 pm - Players were coming in and out of the office all day so our weekly Tuesday recruiting meeting got started a little late. It may as well have been the first day of classes because the to-do list was getting longer by the minute.

4:44 pm - With the recruiting meeting over, we had some time to kill before dinner. It has become a tradition for the coaching staff to go out to eat before the first team meeting of the year.

7:25 pm - Finished dinner at the Lizard and headed back to campus for the team meeting.

8:00 pm - First team meeting of the year!

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