Monday, August 22, 2011

Eye of the Storm: 6 Days to Fall Ball

20 Days to Fall Ball...
Monday, August 22...6 Days

7:21 am - Woke up today with a little more pep in the step. There was, at the very least, a sense of urgency to get out of bed. Not only was this the first day of classes but we had a big day planned at the field. No, we didn't have any baseball workouts scheduled but this is a big week as far as preparation is concerned.

8:36 am - I got to the Oz Center and was surprised to find little action going on in the bullpen area of the athletic office. But that would quickly change as we would have players shuffling in and out all day. One of those players was Renne Araujo, a transfer student from Riverland Community College. Renne was coming to us from a community college in Minnesota, where he left a high school in Texas, but not before coming to the US from Maracaibo, Venezuela. So he's seen quite a bit of this great country of ours. He seemed to have already made a smooth transition to life at Lake Erie. And while he's dealt with being away from home before, having another player from Venezuela (Brayan Cacique) on the team couldn't hurt.

10:31 am - After the staff finished a meeting to discuss the updated fall calendar, Sank and I started gathering equipment to transport from the gym to the field. It took a lot less time than we expected. All of our equipment fit in Sank's vehicle in only one trip to the field. The list: 1 bat bag, 3 BP buckets, 3 empty buckets, 1 bucket of dimple balls, 3 batting tees, 2 home plates, 2 medicine balls, 1 stretching bag with cones/jump ropes/bands, and 1 pitchers bag.

11:10 am - Before filling the equipment shed with our stuff, we needed to clean it out first. We spent about 15 minutes moving rakes, drag screens, and chalkers around before sweeping out the shed. Once that task was completed, we emptied Sank's trunk and moved on to the next task, bringing over the L-screen, turf protector, pitching platform, and the hitting mat from the barn on the other side of the football field. Anyone that has been to the Kiwanis (otherwise known as the K-Zone), knows this barn is not close to the field, but we put our heads together and made it in one trip. Those Master's degrees are really being put to good use.

12:08 pm - We headed back to campus to meet Coach McGee for lunch after his staff meeting. I would rather have carried the equipment the two miles from campus to the field than attend that staff meeting. We talked some more about the upcoming schedule and what we wanted to do at our first practice before heading down to the field to put the roll cage together.

2:26 pm - After a quick stop at the hardware store for some rope, we got back to the field to put out roll cage together. It didn't take long with the amount of help we had at the field, so we were able to get back to the office much sooner than anticipated.

3:37 pm - Back at the office, I was finally able to get to some emails that had been waiting for me in my inbox. There was also a stack of envelopes on my desk which I could assume were Camp Flyers.

4:45 pm - We had one last impromptu meeting in Coach McGee's office which started around with lifting groups and ended up in assigning the Storm Fall League teams. By the time we were done it was almost 6:00. Never have a to-do list on the first day of classes because you will almost certainly never get to it. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

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