Friday, August 19, 2011

Eye of the Storm: 9 Days to Fall Ball

20 Days to Fall Ball...
Friday, August 19...9 Days

8:19 am - It felt like 10:00 when I woke up but it was only a few minutes after eight. I was a little sore after the first day at the golf course so I was figuring I would sleep until ten. Nothing too big on the schedule today. It was going to primarily focus on the strength and conditioning programs I was in charge of. This was something I had been in charge of while at Mount, partly at North Central and of course, last year at Lake Erie. This year's "Swoll Sessions" would be primarily the same but have a few minor changes.

9:59 am - After I spent about an hour on YouTube looking at different speed, strength and agility exercises, I began to email some of the high school coaches of my top recruits. High school (and travel) coaches become invaluable resources for college coaches in getting more of an insight into the recruits history, work habits, and overall personality, which can sometimes be the difference between Player A and Player B.

12:18 pm - $5 Footlongs.

1:01 pm - I was took a break from the computer to catch up on a few shows I had missed. Mainly Rescue Me and Wilfred on FX. Unfortunately, last night's storm caused interruption in the taping of the latter so I'd have to catch a rerun or just watch it on Hulu.

5:46 pm - I got back from a local ball field where I tested out the new warm-up routine. Most of the time we just call it stretching but it's more of an active warm-up with little standing around. I finished the workout in 9:46 which will probably extrapolate into a 10-12 minute routine with the team. It is pretty much the same as last year's but I added two exercises, took out two exercises and added a component to another exercise. But the main goal of working up a sweat and getting the heart rate moving will remain in tact.

[Ed. Note: There will not be any blog posts this weekend. I am, for the most part, taking a break from baseball tasks this weekend so there won't be much to write about. I will be back on Monday, August 22 with the next post but I will still provide tweets during the weekend. Be sure to register for our Fall Prospect Camp being held on Saturday, September 17 at Painesville's Kiwanis Rec Park.]

Up next: 6 Days to Fall Ball

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